End of life, Palliative Care & Home Euthanasia


As owners ourselves we wanted to offer a stress-free alternative to taking a frail, elderly, terminally ill or just very unwell animal to a vet clinic for what can only be described as a ‘cold and clinical’ pet euthanasia.

We truly believe a loved companion is best put to sleep in the comfort of their own home.

A quality of life consultation or a pre-euthanasia consultation is arranged with our in-house Vet and Nursing Assistant who will advise, guide you and support you in your decisions for either in – home palliative care or finding the ‘right time’ for a gentle, dignified and compassionate pet euthanasia.

An average home vet consultation is approximately one hour and includes your pet’s previous vet history, medication, management advice, quality of life scoring and a discussion to help you decide what the signs are to watch for and when it’s the best time to consider letting your beloved pet go and have a gentle pet euthanasia at home to avoid a crisis with suffering and pain.

If at the end of the consultation both you as owners and the attending vet are in agreement it is in your pets best interest a date will be set for Euthanasia.

At the time of the appointment your pet will be given a sedative to ensure stress levels are at a minimum before the procedure is carried out. The vet will take you through what to expect prior, at the time, and following the procedure.


We recommend that if you have other residential pets, that time is allowed for them to view and mour their much loved family member.

We also offer a private cremation service when your beloved pet will return home, to their rightful place in a beautiful ornamental urn. This will be discussed and arranged in the initial consultation to minimise distress to owners.

Please note, we do not offer this as an emergency service.

If your pet is in extreme distress and requires immediate treatment please contact your Veterinary Practice directly.






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