Canine sports medicine is the field of veterinary medicine devoted to the specialist needs of the working dogs and the canine athletes.

Developing fitness, stability and strength in your sporting dog doesn’t just rely on exercise and training. The best way to compliment your dogs sporting needs, and to help prevent injury is to address the hard working muscular system which is often the first place the body will accrue stress, tightness, fatigue and injury that can inhibit performance.

We offer maintenance programmes, pre competition and post competition treatment packages which are tailored to your dogs individual needs.

Each consultation includes a gait analysis and fitness assessment as standard.

All sessions are conducted by Rosemary Jones, Bsc PgDip VPhys MIRVAP

Please note: To comply with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 we require all patients, to have Veterinary consent, the relevant form can be downloaded here;

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